How to Block someone on facebook. Without actually blocking them...?

Right here goes. I have people on fb some friends some not. Who i do not want to see what so ever when i go on my facebook. I know i could unfriend, restrict, block them but once they realise its potentially causes future problems. So i want to know - can i basically remove them so i cant search for them or ever see them but they remain friends. So they are none the wiser ? Hope that explains it. I dont want to set a new one up but i dont want to see or be reminded of people who are fake friends. 

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  • Daniel
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    4 months ago
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    What your Asking is not Possible to do the only thing you can do is Set it so you cant see there Posts you cant set it so you wont be able to see them in the Search Box

    If you wish to do that you can visit there Profile and where it says Following click that then Click Unfollow

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    Can't be done next question.

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