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Need to stop getting so angry at games?

I just broke my headset again because of getting angry at a game. This happened about 10 minutes ago and im still fuming I still feel the need to break something. I was on world of warcraft and this *********** beta ****** ***** was basically exploiting his character. He killed me 3 times in a row the same way and started taunting me as im dead laying there ******* laughing. If he kills me yea ill be mad but when they do that **** it literally makes me want them to die. **** I still want him dead as im typing this i know its not healthy but I cant help it. I know I need to calm it down though. How can I not let **** like that bug me?


You can **** right off if you're going to give an answer like "grow up". 

Update 2:

Its make me even more pissed because I couldve been a dick to him but wasnt 

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    My son would tell you "get good scrub", but I won't hate on you like that.. I don't play WoW, but I'm no stranger to pvp gaming, and the frustration of dealing with griefing, spawn killing, or just lacking the skill to beat someone that really needs taken down a peg. Best way to avoid those feelings is to play within a group of chill players. Avoid playing alone, at least not on pvp games. I always have much more fun partying up with other people and playing. Try to avoid people with short tempers, and bad mood swings. Or at least get a feeling for everyone's personality before you make them your main party group.  As for throwing things, yeah that will get expensive, two choices, only buy cheap controllers and headsets you don't mind breaking or buy the literal best stuff and will stop and think before you blow up. 

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    1.Grow up.

    2.Buy a dictionary to learn something other than foul language.

    3.Take applicable meds to get your Aspergers under control.

    4.If you can't grow up, learn better language, or control your Aspergers with appropriate medication, then stop playing games.

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