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Are people ininherently selfish?

I find that people want to be ahead of me and want their needs and wants met without much consideration to how it affects another person (in my case me)

As long as they perceive I'm behind them in life they are okay but when they see I am progressing or getting ahead then they don't like it. I don't do this to other people.

They will not take into account peoples circumstances over their selfish desires and ego.

Sometimes it feels if I tell some of my friends my challenges of anxiety etc or something they might be secretly happy or want me to stay there because they are comparing.

I am alone in life and don't have a spouse or much opportunities or best beauty. How can I live and deal with this disappointment.

I don't feel like also doing well and improving because it feels like everyone will not like it or they will try and bring me down and not truly be happy.

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  • 2 months ago

    not everybody is like that

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