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my dog keeps pooping in the house, how do i potty train him . please help?

i’m 29 and live with my mom and we adopted a dog from a friend who didn’t want him anymore and it’s a little brown long nose dog (don’t know exact type) and we’ve had him for several weeks and i walk him several times a day but for some reason he won’t understand not to poop in the house, he’ll constantly pee and poo in the house and doesn’t understand not to, i tried giving treats when he goes outside or beating his head hard when he poops in the house but nothing is working


the other day he peed on my job interview script and i beat his head hard with my hand but he just tried to bite me 

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    i would stop beating him, hes upset over all that pain youre giving him so he poops in the house, maybe you should give the dog away if youre beating him, just being honest

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    First you google 'how to potty train an adult dog?'. Then you find a way that suits you & your dog & start training. This biggest problem is usually that the owner is not consistent with their training. There are different ways to train them but it needs to work for both of you & you MUST BE CONSISTENT!!!

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    Dog cage, and a larger one for you if you are truly beating him.

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    4 months ago

    Instead of beating the dog and terrifying it, hoe about taking the grown up choice, go on line, try somewhere like YouTube, type in “How to house break my dog”

    Obviously   your not in tune with the dogs elimination schedule yet.  If you feed at specific times then wait about 15 minutes then is the time the dog needs to go out to exercise and get his bowels moving so he I’ll pop outside. If he empties one then the other has to follow.

    If you let the dog out three to five minutes then. Call him in before he empties then yes, it’s not normal for dogs to comeback in the house then immediately run and pee, then poop inside.  It just tells the person that they did not leave the of running around long enough, that is the owners fault.

    When housebreaking a dog I make sure I stay out with it or keep walking until we have success so the. Dog doesn’t get mixed up and end yo voiding their the home.  Weather it takes fifteen minutes or an hour, by the end of the week they have the idea what we expect from them.

    Remember being a child and being punished by an adult or parent, remember how frightened and hoe muchit hurt when you got hit, hoe frightened you were that it would happen again?   Why do you insist then of abusing a baby dog?

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