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I've daydreamed about the same fictitious family before falling asleep...?

I also daydream in the shower, when exercising, in the car, listening to music..

These fake people are added into my real world (real ppl, real town, real school)..

I could write a pretty good novel! Does anyone else daydream about fictitious characters (but like all the time)? I "am" another character (or two) in these daydreams, but myself also appears???

Am I crazy?? Please say I'm not. I draw them, google them. I incorporate my life and book plots into these "daydreams" 

And seriously, I'm NOT trolling... I have normal interactions with friends. I know the difference between dreams and reality, but sometimes I wish these characters existed. they feel so real at times.. 

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  • 2 months ago

    That is very good.

    At least you know it's not real.

    It is normal.

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