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Lost Wizard101 Creepypasta?

I frequented creepypastas when I was younger, often going to the wiki and simply typing in whatever I was interested in at the time in order to scare myself. This happened around 2010-2012, give or take.

After boredom and childhood reminiscence brought me to the search for this creepypasta, imagine how frustrated I've become to discover that it has apparently vanished from the internet. This creepypasta had not only a wiki entry, but also a reading of it on youtube. I've basically tore through all parts of the internet with no success in finding any hint of this creepypasta's existance.

It went as follows:

Our narrator describes picking up the game and playing it with their friends. All is well until a strange occurrence takes place. The surrounding players dissipated and the commons was left empty aside from the narrator's character.

What follows is the narrator peering into the tunnel that would lead to the shopping district, only to find that a black silhouette of a player wizard has come from the tunnel. The shadow character had red eyes, of course.

The shadow is described as admitting a strong, static sound as it drifted towards the player. While the narrator attempts to run away from the shadow, they note that Penny Dreadful- a NPC who resided in the commons- had become glitched and disfigured in the wake of the silhouette character.

With the shadow finally catching up to the narrator, their computer crashes and they vow to never touch the game again.

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