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Which college should I attend?

Hi! I have now heard back from every college I applied to. Of the schools I’ve been accepted to, here are my top 4 favorite:

Boston University

Fordham University

Marist College

SUNY Binghamton

A bit about me: I’m currently undecided but I want to pursue either marketing, psychology, or computer science. I like urban areas (as I am from one and have always liked city life) but I do also appreciate the change in scenery of a suburban/rural campus, so I don’t have a preference in terms of location. I also like playing music, but I would only continue this as a hobby (joining orchestra or band) and don’t have any interest in majoring or minoring in music. I want to attend a school that will academically challenge me and push me to work harder, but will also have a fair balance of work and play (I.e. I want a vibrant campus life with fun, but a serious academic environment that is reasonably challenging without the students being miserable).

I really do love the schools listed, and am having a difficult time deciding. If anyone has any input based on personal experience, feedback you’ve heard from someone you know, or just anything you know about the schools in general, I welcome your opinions and appreciate your time in answering this question.

Thank you!

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    Did you check out the schools' rankings, both overall and in the top fields you are considering for your major, to see which one(s) rank best? You should have done that before you applied to any schools at all! Now get online & do your homework. google-search university rankings, and compare at least 2 ratings organizations as they weight factors slightly differently.

    Without doing your homework for you, Boston University seems most likely to be the better fit for what you want.

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