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How can you eat a few cookies once a week without going on a total junk binge?

I cant just eat a few treats. I end up spiraling and buying pizza , cookies , sugary foods for like a week or 2 straight wasting money and also i recently did that and got real sick right after with the flu or whatever its called and i know it has to do with all the mucus that must have built up from the junk food.

I either eat only fruits and vegetables and something simple like beans or peanut butter.. Or i eat horribly nonstop until i just stop or get tired of it.


I wish to just eat a treat now and then.

And yes i realize this is emotional eating, too. I do feel very depressed or down or whatever many times when im eating to feel better.

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    I went in a 6 day fast. I took a bite of what I wanted, chewed it, and spit it out and rinsed. When chewing, I would stop and think "this is gross if I swallow it". And then I'd spit it out. Worked great.

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  • 2 months ago

    Years ago, I began to keep my biscuits/cookies (even chocolates!) in the freezer. I found I ate too much of it, because there was a part of me worried about 'waste' as the food would go stale. Keeping it in the freezer keeps it fresh - and makes you feel good when you take just 2, because you don't feel like you've lost self control. (Some biscuits taste better frozen. Monte Carlos are extra nice, because the jam in the filling is chewy)

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