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What was the point of HBK turning heel at HIAC 2013 as special guest referee if he wasn't going to make a in-ring return to face Bryan?

Most probably don't remember this but at WWE Hell in a Cell 2013 Daniel Bryan was facing Randy Orton for the belt and WWE had a fan poll who the special guest referee should be which HBK won. During the match Shawn Michaels hit Bryan with the Sweet Chin Music allowing Orton to win turning heel, after HIAC 2013 HBK would make a few more appearances before leaving again. Michaels would then go as far to make numerous tweets about how its all 'just a show' and that fans need to 'get back' to the 'real world'.

What was the point of having him return as special guest referee and turn heel, if there wasn't going to be any pay-off?


BQ: How much of a douche is HBK for not even attempting to play along on Twitter?  Here is a tip, don't return and heel turn if you aren't going to stick with it.

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    haha yeah i remember that one was a bummer....same as how i swear i remember him doing this big ref thing for nxt and i thought he'd wrestle someone there but nah...wasn't to be.... :(

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