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Why are moms so damn annoying!?

Talking to my mom is a test of my patience at times. Too many times throughout my life I can recall talking to her about ANYTHING at all and she derails the entire conversion. She has a bad habit of jumping off to another subject and keep dragging it on and on to the point it becomes nagging and you want her to just shut up. And what's funny, she'll get all huffy because you don't want to listen to her constant nagging about something no one was talking about in the first place.

If you were having a nice day, talking to her will put you in a bad mood.


Except when you have a mom that is "i don't care what you were talking about. i'm gonna keep talking about this" type of person. Knowingly talking about something that wasn't original conversion and getting angry when you're trying to stay on topic. She will even go as far as talking over you.

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    2 months ago

    My mom isn't annoying. She's DEAD, died from a self inflicted gunshot wound when I was thirteen.

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  • 2 months ago

    Many people wander off the subject. When she does that, (nicely) say you're losing what you began talking about. You'll also be doing her a favour by doing that - as I'm sure she does that a lot with other people as well who are as irritated as you are!

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