Android or iPhone?

Which do you like better? I've been using an iPhone since the 3G model. I recently made the switch and got the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. I must say,I really am liking this phone. I feel like Apple has lost its edge. 

One thing I don't like is when I send a video to an iPhone user, it becomes unclear and hard to see. Is there a way to fix that? 

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  • 4 months ago
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    I prefer Android as well. I have a Galaxy Note 8 and it works great. Since I don't use music streaming services, it is much easier for me to transfer music to my Note 8 via USB OTG, SD Card, network, etc instead of using the clunky iTunes program for iDevices.

    As far as your last question. I'm assuming that by send you mean sending it as an MMS. In that case, video gets compressed which means it looses quality. There's really nothing you can do about it other than using another messaging platfrom like WhatsApp or similar. With iPhones, you have iMessage. This allows you to send messages (different than text messages or MMS) to other iDevices. Since it is sent as a chat message, it doesn't loose quality as if it were sent as MMS.

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