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Can I get in trouble for this?

I was on this online dating app plenty of fish with live web cam videos,I clicked on one with what either appeared to be an autistic girl or some underage. I quoted I'm down to be social,but you look 13,other people joined asked if she was going to date,she said no,the I said your profile says your 40,then she said in 9.. other people were saying she had pretty eyes,I said she's not here to date.. right before the feed ended I was trying to ask her about a private message,my intent was to let her know about the creeps on here and this is an adult site go away! Whether message went through or not it unknown,but I talked to her out of concern and originally from the camera angle I didn't know.all walks of life go kn there to chat,so I thought she was maybe downsyndrome. I fear my private message thing was bad I had no intent and was just concerned.heck the other guys were being pervy. 


The feed ended and In tripping on this,I didnt seek this and I just gapoen to go there and all that happened. I looked at her profile for age and accidentally favorited because its millimeters away from the age profiles,this was like accidentally.

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    5 months ago

    Whether you're "in trouble" is up to the webmaster.  Next time, don't engage in any further conversation, block the person and notify Plenty of Fish. Did you read the terms of service before signing up?

  • 5 months ago

    When someone underage messages me, i block them. Seems a bit weird tbh that you still wanted to talk to her after finding out how young she was.

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