What is the meaning of "Jack"?

Please tell me the meaning of "Jack" in the following passage from Sebastian Barry's novel "A Long Long Way."

"Every man Jack of them knew "Tipperary" and sang it as if most of them weren't city-boys but hailed from the verdant fields of that country. Probably every man in the army knew it, whether he was from Aberdeen or Lahore. Even the coolies sang "Tipperary" while they dug."

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  • 5 months ago
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    Jackeen is an Irish insult with an English origin. The noun Jack has been used to refer generally to a man, and especially an ill-mannered or obnoxious fellow, since at least the 1600s. Sebastian Barry is an Irishman so he used a term he was familiar with. It is like saying every Tom, Dick, and Harry. I don't know if you've heard that expression but it was common in the US.

  • Bill
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    5 months ago

    "Every man Jack" is just an expression meaning everybody.

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