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I do not get the cast away ending, is it supposed to be left for interperetation ?

I could not telling if he wanted to go back to the island, drive off some where, or go visit the attractive nice lady that he kept her package all this time with the angel wings on her truck and farm. 

Of course I find it unlikely the package survived his finally escape attempt, and so did he on the island, but I know it's just a movie. So what did he do at the end because she was driving opposite to her house right? And he was looking off to the opposite direction?


I'd like to think he decided to go knock at her door and share his story.

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  • 4 months ago

    It's for you to decide where he takes his life.

  • 4 months ago

    In the end of the movie , after he has obviously returned to civilization, and then broken all ties with his former love........he realizes he is now free to start his life over. But he has one more bit of business to take care......and that's to return the last remaining package. 

    After he has done so, ( to the rather attractive babe.......)   he leaves,  and comes back to the crossroads.........and stands there deciding,  which way to go.    It's suppose to be symbolic........his options are wide open.......and he can go whichever way he wants. 

    He clearly turns the truck around and heads BACK the way he came...........and heads back to the ranch with the attractive babe. 

    The implication being......he will now move on with his life,  and perhaps start a new relationship with that  babe. 

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    It's up to the viewer of the movie to imagine how his life went on.

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