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Lactating (?) despite never being pregnant and itchy breasts, although there isn't really a cause?

Basically, like a year or two ago one of my breasts was really itchy. I kept itching it, and eventually the skin on my nipple started to peel away despite the fact I never actually itched the nipple itself. It would then start lactating? I think? I have no clue since I've never before, but the discharge is always a pale yellow color that dries quickly. I figured it would pass soon enough and never did anything about it, but about half a year later it was still happening, but to both breasts. I have no clue what's happening and am too nervous to go to the doctor. Sometimes the itch goes away, but when it returns, the only thing I really do it scratch because the feeling is so intense I literally have to. Every time I do, though, the skin breaks and the discharge comes out. I've tried looking it up, to no avail, and have done everything I can thing of to try to stop this but i can't. I've never been pregnant, there's no history of breast cancer in my family, and I haven't found anything online that's close to this. Any help at all is so appreciated, I just want this to stop so much.

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    It can happen to some girls that they make milk without ever being pregnant

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    2 months ago

    Nipple discharge and that level of peeling/itchiness does not sound like anything benign. Go to your PCP. Or the ER.

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  • 2 months ago

    This is something that needs investigation at hospital so go speak to your doctor

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