How do I keep myself from going insane? ?

Almost a month and 3 weeks ago I discovered a big on ne in bed and I killed it and moved on. 2 weeks later I found one crawling on my face and flipped out. Bedbugs. We pay $95 for an inspection for this lazy *** to barely look around for 5 minutes and say he sees none. So we start taking things off the walls and lone and behold we find many of them. My parents refuse to pay the $800 to get the room sprayed  so we get a home treatment instead with powders and spray. I spend hours throwing stuff out, washing my clothes, and cleaning droppings off my wall. I get white pillows, sheets, and blanket (to keep my eye out), bed bug interceptors, and powdered my whole room. Nonetheless, I still found 2 blood spots on my sheets last week. Today, another inspector came for free and was a lot more thorough but still didn’t find anything. He said he couldn’t do anything without visually seeing a bedbug so the best I could do is WAIT until one of those bloodsuckers is on me. To make matters worse, he said DIYa rarely work and if they were on my walls we probably had them pretty bad. Also if I missed one pregnant female the problem isn’t gone. I now have extreme anxiety and paranoia. I can’t sleep because I take out my phone flashlight to check my surroundings every couple minutes or so. I feel itchy whenever I lay in my bed and have a crawling sensation on my skin even tho I check and nothing is ever on me. I cry at night cuz this stresses me out. How do I kee from going crazy? 

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  • 2 months ago
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    if you have interceptors on your bed, they shouldn't be able to get to you.  did you move the bed away from the wall and all other furniture?  do you have bed bug covers on your mattress/box spring?

    you can try to bait them (will be hard to do during the pandemic due to closed stores)...get dry ice/carbon dioxide (like the party smoke) and put it in the middle of an interceptor that is laced with pesticide

    • Faith2 months agoReport

      My bed is off the wall, I have interceptors and bed covers and I found a dead one under my sheet today. Idk what to do. 

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  • martin
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    2 months ago

    You are not alone in having this terrible thing happen to you. Unfortunately, the solution to the problem is going to involve a lot of money.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    It is what it is.

    For whatever we CAN control, there is no need to worry.

    For whatever we CANNOT control, all worry does is make ourselves crazy. Be an adult to your fear and tell it to settle down and then turn your attention to anything unrelated to your fear.

    Relax and live your life and IF you find a bedbug bite on you, then you unfortunately have to go through the same process - or a better process - again.

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