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Chords/tuning help? ?

Okay so this chord progression in D goes

Dm Bb C F

but if I transpose it to E it turns into:

Em C D G

Why is it that when I transpose it to E it sounds cheerful and happy but in D it sounds sad? I don't get it?

How do I transpose it into E with it still retaining its "sad" quality?

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    First of all "D" *always* means D major. If you mean minor you have to say minor.

    Your first chord sequence is not in D minor either - it has no dominant (A), but it does have a dominant and tonic in F (C and F respectively), and has Dm as chord vi. Simply starting on a note does NOT mean that it is in that key.

    As for why having it in G might sound "happier" than in F, it may be because higher pitches generally are perceived as brighter. If you put it in Eb it might sound darker still, and in A it may sound brighter.

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      It's not in D minor? I chose those chords from the D minor scale though, I'm confused. 
      I get what you mean by G sounding higher pitched than F, but wouldn't both sequences sound the same but in different pitch? The relation between every chord is the same even when you transpose them?

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