bachelors in public health ?

I am almost done with the lower division classes in the community college and I just wanted to have an idea about the upper division classes in a university. I have reviewed the classes and have mentioned them down below. 

my question is, are those classes mostly math and statistics? or there would be science involved too? 

 * Health Disparities, Equity and Social Justice * Community Health Education & Communication * Introduction to Global Health * Introduction to Epidemiology * Theoretical Principles of Health Behavior*  Comparative Health Systems*   Introduction to Environmental Health

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Pretty much every public health class is either statistics/research methods or sociology based. There is little to no science in that field. The doctors do the science, tell the public health officials what they want, and the public health officials run statistical analysis based on what the doctors told them to determine how to advise the general public.

    Think very carefully before majoring in that by the way, because it's one of the lowest paid careers out there. People with a masters in it often only make around $35,000. With just a bachelors degree it's extremely hard to find any job at all in it, and if you do it'll be for $20,000.

    Healthcare administration is a much better paying way of working on the non-clinical side of medicine.


    Idiot in the comments, Physician Assistant (PA) is not public health... one is a clinician and one is a public policy aide.

    • khachig2 months agoReport

      im doing PA and we get 120K. 35K my *** lmao. get the **** out of here

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