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How much do you lie in a conversation?

Not necessarily big, important lies; do you find yourself editing/making up details in a conversation to make whatever you're saying more clear, palatable, interesting etc? Do you consciously do this to make yourself look good? Or to fit in with others?

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    I think I lie in three ways and for three reasons.

    1. To fill in the blanks. I might say something happened on Saturday when I'm not sure if it was Saturday or Sunday. It's not important to the story, and talking about not being sure would be an unnecessary distraction.

    2. I exaggerate emotions. I might say I was furious enough to kick someone in the head, when I was really just a little disappointed. That's just part of story telling, as I see it.

    3. I lie for reasons of self preservation. If I'm telling a story about my drug addict ex, and a co-worker asks if I've ever done drugs, I'm going to say no!

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