Is there a hierarchy as universally understood as numbers?

Quarantine boredom makes me wonder, is it possible to substitute numbers say in a deck of cards in favour of a different universally agreed upon hierarchy?

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  • Isaac
    Lv 6
    2 months ago

    what first comes to mind would maybe a difference in colour, of course this isn't really a hierarchy, but a scale, but also can be related to the wavelength of the colours to form a hierarchy. i guess another option may be a food chain, like that story about the woman who swallowed a fly, then a spider, then a bird, cat, dog, horse..., another thing i was thinking is shapes, circle, triangle, square, etc, but of course that is directly connected to the growing number of sides. in summary, i can't think of another, simple, universally understood, hierarchy, but these are some ideas i guess

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