Feminists are you against Finland having an all female government?

If not, then why are you against an all male government?

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  • 3 months ago

    Men have been in power for 2000 years. One cycle of women being in complete power doesn't change that. Stupid comparison, but at least you tried.

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    • Nat3 months agoReport

      No one is demanding an end to an all male government. It's the only female dominated government in the world. If the imbalance bothers you so much I suggest you look into every other male dominated government in the world. Your complaint is so painfully stupid.

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  • 3 months ago

    "Feminists are you against Finland having an all female government?"

    Of course they aren't.  Feminists today are social change agents.  They are cultural Marxists.  So all of the appeals they demand for change, such as "equality" and  "diversity" immediately go out the window as soon as the tables are turned to their favor.  Then, it all becomes "female empowerment", which supposedly is a good thing.  Note that the opposite is not called "male empowerment" but "male superiority" instead, which is a bad thing.  Funny that.

    Official feminist governments have also shown themselves to be just as unethical as the worst sjw feminist are, acting in the public square with their collective blame of men, and collective punishments as well that would never be tolerated if it were any other group than men.

    For example.  The rate of sexual harassment at Swedish concerts rose significantly after an influx of Muslim men immigrated to the country and introduced the taharrush game that was previously unheard of in the West.  In response to this -cultural- issue, the feminist government penalized ALL MEN by allowing female only concerts.  Feminist style "justice".

    Iceland is another much less extreme example where the feminist government found it appropriate to blame "men" (all men collectively) for the banking crises, just because it is men that were at the heads of the failed banks.

    So when the government properly solved the situation, they made a point of bringing up gender, as if to poke at men's bad side.  Nowhere does this same feminist government ever credit "men" collectively for any good, for example, for the maintenance of their cities infrastructure, or emergency services.  Not that men need to be collectively credited OR blamed.  But that's just the gynocentric way feminists are.  And they just can't help themselves.


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  • feminism is a patriarchal religion that worships the government

  • 3 months ago

    No I'm not. And no I am not against an all male government.

    • Bill
      Lv 7
      3 months agoReport

      So are you against government gender quotas found in many feminist societies pushed forward by feminists? 

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