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How much time should you spend with a puppy?

My 9 year old got a puppy and after a week the honeymoon phase is slowly subsiding. 

I view the puppy as a pet, not a human/ child. So I think it’s fine that my daughter resume things and interest in her own life but I feel bad for the little pup if she doesn’t pay her much mind. What’s a heathy amount or time I should make sure she spends with the puppy?  Thanks! First pet 

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  • Amber
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    10 months ago
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    There needs to be a balance. Some people pander to their puppies, they give them too much attention and then end up with a needy dog that can't deal being away from you or not being the center of attention. 

    You also need to balance play and training as these first few months are very important. Start training obedience, lead work, socializing, exposing to new situations, grooming and impulse training. All these things you can look up on Google or get a professional, experienced trainer to help you. 

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    You may have got the puppy as a companion for your daughter but you are the adult so you are ultimately responsible for its care.

    The puppy needs to be taken outside to toilet regularly.

    It needs to be fed regular meals.

    It needs to be trained in basic commands.

    It needs to be socialized.

    It needs regular exercise.

    All these things add up to 4 - 8 hours a day, depending on breed.

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Two minutes per week

  • 10 months ago

    Two hours a day, every day. Minimum.

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    How much time do you need with a human baby, just feed it, change it, don’t socialize with it, let the baby sleep and it should learn on it’s own from watching tv and the goings on around it right?

    The younger the pup the mote attention the pup needs.  You need to socialize it with other people and other dogs like in a puppy class etc.

    Puppy’s first 26 weeks are the most important.  They nerd to be taught a vast number of things.  They are never too young to start obedience classes, walking on a leash, not barking at everything and chewing everything it sees.

    The earlier the pup learns and is exposed the sounds and the stimulation around it the easier it will be to teach the pup as it grows up.

    Many people that have small dogs and dogs under 15 pounds, they tend to baby their pets, they don’t let them out and about to explore and discover the world around them.  When the dogs grow out of that ever so cute puppy stage interest is lost, nobody takes the time to train the dogs snd they turn around and complain their poor pups are afraid of everything, constantly running, barking, shaking in fear when they see a city bus and are terrified of other dogs, strangers etc and at barking pests to the point neighbors or landlords complain and eviction is threatened.

    Older dogs can be trained and Socialized but it takes three times the time and some dogs don’t take to it as well.   Its best to spend extra time with the pups and get them well trained and socialized so you end up with a great dog once it becomes an adult.

    They don’t need all day supervision but at least four to five times playing with them above the quick potty break... or if training a pup exercise or training is usually 5 minute sessions per month of age.  8 week old pup is a ten minute play or training session, 5 months would be 25 minutes but it’s not just one session but several 25 minute sessions daily.

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    Just dont neglect it try and get her to spend as much time as possible with it you never want a sad pupper

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    animals ned to be looked after. Get her to feed the dog. Maybe you and her go for walks with the dog. ou could even go to the local dog park where the dog can have a play. Have u booked the puppy in for puppy school/This will help the dog socialise with people and other dog. By having responsibility the daughter may become more attached to the dog

  • JimTom
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    10 months ago

    Just play with it a few times a day, and when you are all watching tv or something, let it join you. It doesnt need to be centre of attention all day, like you say, its a pet, but it still needs to be loved. Its also important that it gets used to be on its own sometimes. As a puppy it will need a bit more attention than a dog, training is important too. 

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