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How do I know for sure if our new puppy has fleas? ?

She had ticks when we got her :(  But Im unsure of fleas. She does scratch some, but when I look through her fur thoroughly I don’t see any anything at all! 

Is it common to just have one without the other, fleas / ticks? 

I found another tick on her today 😩 5 days later. HELP!!!! This has to end, I don’t want her coming inside if she has fleas or ticks. 

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    You can bathe the puppy, using Dawn dish soap. If there are fleas you will see reddish water running off, or in the least a couple dead fleas in the fur. Alternately, you can run a metal flea comb through her fur, and you may capture a couple. This is not likely to catch all fleas on the pup, however.

    Use Capstar/Nitenpyram from online, which will kill fleas within 30 minutes and for 24 hours; it is safer than most chemicals offered for killing fleas. Use this every other day for awhile and also use baking soda/salt mixture on the carpeting to kill any there. This kills the eggs and larva naturally, and without hurting your home and family. Quite cheap, too.

    According to the literature, Capstar/Nitenpyram does not kill ticks. Consult with the vet in this regard and keep the puppy INSIDE to avoid further insects bothering her. Keeping her outside is a sure way to continue infestation.

    DO NOT use harsh chemicals or sprays. If you keep the pup outside, she will surely have or keep fleas, and she will be a very unhappy and itchy dog. 

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    If you don't get rid of the fleas & ticks in your yard & home, she will continue to bring them into the house.

    A quick way to check for fleas is to place her over something white, paper towel & ruff up all her fur so that what ever is in her coat fall onto the paper towel. After ruffing her up & petting her, take a fine mist spray bottle & spray the paper towel & if any of the spots or things turn red, that is flea s hit.

    Get rid of what is outside & then you won't have to worry about it any more.

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    Then take the dog to a vet and talk to the vet about the problem Because otc meds will be of great danger to your new pup and may even kill it. All new pups should also be vet checked.

    Preferably the day or day after they are acquired: Just as these two orphan lambs of mine were....

    Most modern flea purges are delivered directly into the dogs blood  either though the skin or the digestive system in either way they are poisonous to both the puppy and the flea. 

    Therefore should be administered under the advice of a vet only....

    . Its the same reason i dont put lambs  through a sheepdip unless they are over 9 months old.  The smaller and younger they are ( as a general rule) the less bodily resistance they have to poisons... Because their resistance to poisons hasn´t had time to fully develop , put simply .

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    .Look for flea's and flea dirt in the grown area.You will see them move and flea dirt looks like black pepper.Fleas like where it's moist and warm.You can also put a bowl of water out on the floor and you may catch a few that way.You really should get a topical flea/tick  drops recommended by your vet.Over the counter meds are not safe and rarely work completely since fleas lay eggs.Also vacuum often till their completely gone  which will take awhile.

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    Order a flea comb. Use it.

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    Almost every pet dog or cat has fleas no matter how much you de flea them, usually a very small amount, but theyre there. Its no big deal though, they dont spread if there arent many (even if there were a lot). Ticks need to be dealt with asap, they are dangerous to your pet and you. Once theyre off they wont come back unless your dog walks through a field or grass with ticks in it

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    This sounds way silly and it’s not a gag or spoof. Hold the pup above you and look at the belly, in the groin area around the legs and in front between the pups legs.  Fleas know extremely well how to scurry and hide and our poor chihuahua suffered with fLeas for two months because every time we checked her we didn’t find dirt or fleas.  We used combs and would lay her on her back and go through the fur on her belly and never saw a single flea.  When my daughter picked her up I just happened to look up and see. The poor things belly moving with fleas. As soon as we turned her upside down to check her belly all the bugs made a dash for her back which was now the lowest part of the dog.  We. Saw a dozen or more running and scurrying so we ended up giving her a flea bath and checked her daily.  

    Also all the bedding needs to be washed, the house vacuumed daily for ten to twelve days and  the furniture too.  The way to irradicate them is to break their breeding cycle and they cannot reproduce they die off.  There are sprays and powders that work but you have to be careful that you don’t go overboard with the chemicals.

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    Hi! The best way about this is to give the dog a shower and then use flea and tick treatment. When our dog had fleas, shes just got rid of them, she scratched alot so much her fur began disappearing. If this doesnt work though, take the dog to a vet asap it helps the dog alot

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    there are flea/tick treatments that will help. he may need a bath first to kill any of them.

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