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How do I get over my disappointment that my family likely won't be able to gather for a reunion this summer for 1st time in 20 years?

This is due to COVID-19. I am so disappointed because it will not seem like summer without this special day. However, to keep us safe the host has cancelled understandably. He said he may reschedule in August if things are better. I would guess that is a longshot of things being better much before end of year.

How do I get over my disappointment of this? It is the first time they have EVER not done it in my lifetime but my family had to miss in 1999 and 2000 because of a silly grudge my mother was holding after her divorce. I am worried this summer will feel as bad as those 2 summers felt with the void of this event. Even more now cause I appreciate the event so much more as an adult then when a teen back then.

I may do a ZOOM gathering but very few will want to do that so it won't be the same. Last summer was so wonderful, a wedding and a reunion, that this year I fear is going to be so depressing. I want to take care of my mental health so how do I get over my disappointment?

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    Count yourself lucky if that's all you're missing. Some people can't even have a funeral and mourn their dead. People are postponing weddings they have planned for months and no seniors will be walking across the stage or have graduation parties. Make it a point to connect with your family on face book, face time, or by phone. Disappointment isn't fatal. Sometimes all you can do is feel it.

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  • Andy C
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    Make it a happy 21.

    Old enough to drink.

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