What are your favorites thrash metal albums of the 90's?

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago
    Favourite answer

    rust in peace MEGADETH 

    victims of deception HEATHEN

    arise SEPULTURA 

    burn my eyes MACHINE HEAD

    necroshine OVERKILL 

    epidemic of violence DEMOLITION HAMMER

    They are my top 6

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  • 2 months ago

    I post a list where you can choose

    seasons in the abyss SLAYER 1990  

    rust in peace MEGADETH 1990  

    persistence of time ANTHRAX 1990  

    souls of black TESTAMENT 1990  

    cowboys from hell PANTERA 1990  

    twisted into form FORBIDDEN 1990  

    american way SACRED REICH 1990  

    impact is imminent EXODUS 1990  

    coma of souls KREATOR 1990  

    better off dead SODOM 1990  

    the meaning of life TANKARD 1990  

    cracked brain DESTRUCTION 1990  

    lights camera revolution SUCIDAL TENDENCIES 1990  

    act III DEATH ANGEL 1990  

    never neverland ANNIHILATOR 1990  

    slaughter in the vatican EXHORDER 1990  

    weapons of our warfare DELIVERANCE 1990 

    Spectrum of death MORBID SAINT 1990 

    horrorscope OVERKILL 1991 

    time does not heal DARK ANGEL 1991 

    iced earth ICED EARTH 1991  

    victims of deception HEATHEN 1991  

    metallica METALLICA 1991  

    arise SEPULTURA 1991  

    countdown to extinction MEGADETH 1992  

    the ritual TESTAMENT 1992  

    tapping the vein SODOM 1992 

    renewal KREATOR 1992 

    night of the stormrider ICED EARTH 1992

    the law EXHORDER 1992  

    vulgar display of power PANTERA 1992  

    nothings sacred LAAZ ROCKIT 1992  

    force of habit EXODUS 1992  

    def ini tion DRI 1992  

    rythm of fear MOD 1992  

    chaos ad SEPULTURA 1993  

    sound of white noise ANTHRAX 1993  

    independent SACRED REICH 1993  

    war of words FIGHT 1993  

    grin CORONER 1993  

    divine intervention SLAYER 1994  

    low TESTAMENT 1994  

    wfo OVERKILL 1994  

    youthtanasia MEGADETH 1994  

    burn my eyes MACHINE HEAD 1994  

    menace to society KILLERS 1994  

    devolution MOD 1994  

    far beyond driven PANTERA 1994  

    get what you deserve SODOM 1994  

    burnt offerings ICED EARTH 1995  

    the power of inner strenght GRIP INC 1995  

    cause for conflict KREATOR 1995  

    heal SACRED REICH 1996  

    dark saga ICED EARTH 1996  

    beat the bastards EXPLOITED 1996  

    the great southern trendkill PANTERA 1996  

    green FORBIDDEN 1997  

    demonic TESTAMENT 1997  

    the more things changes MACHINE HEAD 1997  

    jugulator JUDAS PRIEST 1997  

    cast in stone VENOM 1997  

    nemesis GRIP INC 1997  

    cryptic writings MEGADETH 1997 

    outcast KREATOR 1997 

    diabolus in musica SLAYER 1998  

    something wicked this way comes ICED EARTH 1998  

    necroshine OVERKILL 1999  

    the gathering TESTAMENT 1999  

    criteria for a black widow ANNIHILATOR 1999  

    masterpeace METAL CHURCH 1999  

    bigger than the devil SOD 1999  

    solstice SOLSTICE 1992  

    the underworld EVIL DEAD 1991  

    decay of humanity DESPAIR 1990  

    thrashback WHIPLASH 1998  

    unchain the wolves DESTROYER 666 1997  

    demanufacture FEAR FACTORY 1995  

    obsolete FEAR FACTORY 1998  

    mental vortex CORONER 1991  

    grin CORONER 1993  

    dreaming neon black NEVERMORE 1999  

    I hear black OVERKILL 1993  

    Killing kind OVERKILL 1996  

    from the underground and below OVERKILL 1997  

    king of the kill ANNIHILATOR 1994  

    refresh the demon ANNIHILATOR 1996  

    drift FLOTSAM AND JETSAM 1995  

    by inheritance ARTILLERY 199O  

    beg to differ PRONG 1990

    tortured existence DEMOLITION HAMMER 1990

    epidemic of violence DEMOLITION HAMMER 1992

    Eternal decision ETERNAL DECISION 1997

    the outer limits VOI VOD 1993

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