Does furniture help with echoes?

I recently moved into a new apartment that I’m in love with except it is right near the street. My neighborhood is quiet but the sound of cars driving by can be heard in my apartment. My apartment is on the 3rd floor but the sound can be heard so clearly. Leasing office says once I put furniture the noise shouldn’t be as evident but I don’t know if it will help. Anyone who has experienced this? 

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    Depends on you, some people are bothered by noise and some people not so much.  

    I used to have a house that was about 10 blocks from a major interstate.  I never noticed the noise for even a second but it drove my wife crazy whenever she went outside, she complained about it constantly. We had to move, she just hated it, but I honestly never noticed a thing and the neighbors were pretty much the same as me (but I'm equally sure she wasn't the only one that this drove crazy).  

    Anyhow, you just need to make the best decision you can for yourself (and anyone else who will be in the house). If this really doesnt bother anyone in the house, then go ahead, but if it does then avoid it. If you really aren't sure if this will bother you or not then you might consider passing on this one, its a legitimate risk.

    To further answer your question, not sure furniture will help much, but drapes and curtains might help (but duh, not when you are outside). You could maybe install better windows. Even a wood fence or a row of small bushy trees might help alot.

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    In a hotel room in Italy, yes.  With some jackass reving his motorcycle for hours  non-stop, trying to fix it at the crack of dawn, next door.  A home where you rent, they didn't suddenly move the street, did they?  Then you knew very well that the street was just outside your window. Why are you surprised?

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    I doubt it. You need double pane windows

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  • God
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    4 months ago

    Furniture and drapes or curtains retards echos.

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