Which astrological events caused the messy situation we are now?

I think it was because of Saturn's transit over the sign of Capricorn-the 10th house zodiac. As 10th represents the outer world and what we do in outside our house-work, Saturn's transit over it, is making us to be inside without doing our work.

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    In March 2019, South Node or Dragon's Tail or Ketu entered Sagittarius where Saturn was already present till 26 Jan 2020. In Nov 2019, Jupiter entered Sagittarius and was getting eclipsed by Ketu moving retrograde in Sagittarius. As Ketu entered his own constellation Moola in Sagittarius, Ketu became more stronger to show his maleficity to the earth. Dragon's Head or North Node or Rahu is always placed complementary to Ketu entered Aradra constellation of Gemini. Gemini is exaltation sign of Rahu and Aradra is ruled by Rahu so Rahu in Aradra becomes strongest to do his malefic acts. No wonder this coronavirus infection started after Nov 2019. Then on 26 Jan 2020, Saturn entered its own sign Capricorn and Saturn becomes boss in its own sign. But Saturn in earth sign Capricorn forms the highly malefic Shadashtak Yoga with Rahu in air sign Gemini as Capricorn is 8th house from Gemini. From 26 jan 2020, the virus started spreading further and Rahu stands for foreigner so disease spread through foreigners or from foreign travel or passport holders. Many nations got infected with coronavirus because of people from China and Italy visiting to returning back to their nation. Currently Jupiter and malefic Mars are also in Capricorn but it is Saturn who will be the boss in Capricorn. Rahu has to exit Aradra constellation of Gemini and it does so on 22 May 2020. Saturn has taught many lessons to humans living on earth-main lesson is travel only when needed, wash hands and keep cleanliness, congestion of human settlement is bad, Corona virus has forced people to work from home, forced students to listen to online lectures from home, air quality has improved, pollution has reduced, crude oil price has lowered to 26$/barrel, electricity consumption has got lowered due to work from home, People have used online payment more than before. Tourism, hotel and airlines industry collapsed whereas socially working sectors like doctors, pharmaceuticals, ventilator, nurses, hospital equipment, police, army came in demand. Socially working sectors like doctors, nurses, hospital staff, pathologies, medicines, etc are ruled by none other than the great Lord Saturn.

    Rahu and Ketu will change their sign on 23 Sep 2020, but this virus infection and its severity will reduce after Rahu enters Mrigashira constellation of Gemini on 22 May 2020.

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    Astrology serves no purpose other than entertainment.    

    The beginning of sorrows began when mankind in his infancy looked up in the sky and gave his power away to something he did not understand. Creating tales that were passed down through the generations. Spin that would cause division and strife among Earths children. Using these tales to spook and control the masses. All the while ignoring Mother Earths Power, her signs that She is not pleased, taking her for granted and destroying the balance she put in place for life to flourish. She gave birth to you and gave you everything you needed for nourishment, food and shelter. She is Mother but the children created the problem and She has the solution. Oh no, She is not The God but for US, She is Home. If you think Planets have power over you...think again Earthlings.We forget that the Earth is Alive and survival is the first law of nature. She is following the dictates of Universal Law and has witnessed every birth, every death and every action.  The solution has never been in outer space. The solution was/is respect for Her..right beneath your feet.   No peace, no respect, no harmony..She wins regardless and She will heal herself, without us and create new life. The sickness we caused, gone.  The end of her sorrows.    

    No worries, She’s patient

    Have a great day

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    >>There is nothing natural about astrology.<<

    Nope not a thing.  The planets and their movements have nothing to do with nature. And nature is just the sum of random events.

    Look, wherever you went to school, even if it was only for a couple of years, go get your money back. They failed you miserably

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    No.  "The planets don't DO anything." - Robert Hand, USA's foremost astrologer. They describe, but astrologers use language that sounds like cause and effect because it's easier to communicate that way

    And Saturn transits Capricorn once every 29 years or so for about 2.5 years and this doesn't happen that often.  

    There are three things that did happen that describe the current situation.

    The Saturn - Pluto conjunction occurs about every 32 years, and the previous one coincided with the AIDS epidemic, but there's more. This time both planets were very close to the ecliptic.  Planets are stronger when close to the ecliptic. Saturn has always been associated with plagues. Pluto is ... well, ask a modern astrologer.  They tend to ascribe all sorts of thing with the three outer planets.  Regardless, this coincided with that conjunction. 

    Second, at the same time, there was a lineup that began about the time of the outbreak of the disease that astrologers call a "besiegement." Jupiter was between Saturn and Mars, the two malefics.  That ended about a week or so ago when Saturn left Capricorn and entered Aquarius.

    Finally there is a comet. Since Babylonian times comets were considered harbingers of evil, usually the death of a great king, a defeat in war, or plagues.  Comets are strictly no good in ancient astrology.  Comets also take their significance from when and where they are first seen with the naked eye. I don't know that this one is visible without a telescope yet, or if it is sufficiently close to the ecliptic to be said to occupy a degree of the zodiac, but it's there.  To date a few astrologers have opined that his one has Mars traits and Mars signifies infections.  Whether that is hindsight astrology or whether there is a basis for it is not clear to me, yet. 

    Two astrologers that I know of predicted this.  One was a blogger whose name I've forgotten, and she noted the besiegement over a year ago and mentioned plagues.  The other was Andre Barbault who died in 2019.  He wrote about these cycles and in one of his papers mentioned a pandemic (his word) that would be associated with Saturn-Pluto.

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    Sorry to hear that. I don't think it is the planets but people who are evil... lol

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    Your made up magic is not going to give excuses this time. There is nothing natural about astrology.

    The reality is nature can and will kill indiscriminately. 

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    Saturn is .... Saturn is hard strict teacher, it will give you what you want but it makes you work for it for years and then gives you the fruit.. I know cause coz my houses are in 10th houses as well... A lot of effort but not fruit yet ..... Lets hope i dont have to work this much in the next life hereafter... That it will be easy like others got it very easy here

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