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science help?

1. Which renewable energy source is the best solution for Florida? 

2. How do water, wind and sun generate usable energy? 

3. Do the benefits of nuclear energy outweigh the costs? 

4. Why is electricity considered a secondary source of energy? 


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    1. Coal is always best, you renew it by shovelling more into the power station.

    2. Through technology 

    3. No the benefits of nuclear power don’t outweigh the risks 

    4. It’s secondary because the primary source of energy and climate has always been and will always be the Sun

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    Combination of Biomethane from bio-degradable waste, floating solar units installed over water bodies like lakes-rivers-ponds-pools-sea-water wells-open water storage tanks and hydroelectric power by using water saving, flood and rain water capture and storage.

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    1. Don't expect the internet to help with this, this is a serious matter that needs proper thought to be done by councils and those actually educated on this topic. If random people on the internet knew, it would be done already. 

    2. Mechanisms that convert energy to electrical energy just need other forms of energy. Kinetic energy, or movement, comes from the flow of water or gusts of wind. When one of those two push something (like plates in a dam or blades on a windmill) they receive kinetic energy, in which they move to operate other mechanisms. 

    3. Nuclear energy doesn't have many drawbacks, as precautions are taken to reduce the damage. For example, thick steel walls stop radiation from leaving the plants. Waste from nuclear energy is safe as long as you don't tamper with the container or open it. Give it a few decades, and the waste will lose its radioactivity. 

    Coal plants release more radiation because people don't dispose of the smoke it puts into the air. *coughchinacough*

    4. As far as I know, primary energy are articles that have to be processed further before use. The kinetic energy from water currents has to be transformed into electrical energy. Electricity is secondary because it can be stored for immediate use. 

    I'm sorry if the wording is bad, I have no excuse for that. 

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