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does it mean anything if im starting to cut out bad people out of my life and only hanging out of people who actually cares about me?

Or having my best interest in mind.

Im currently having saturn transit 2nd house, saturn return. is that the reason?


I have north node in 12th house very close to 1st house

Update 2:

Thank you janet. That was a very thorough answer.

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  • Janet
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    2 months ago
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    It means your subconscious is starting to like and value you. You are becoming whole and healthy inside, and have decided subconsciously to make choices that are good for you.

    Yes, Saturn could be a trigger here. Although astrology is only an influence and doesn't control us, that doesn't mean we don't respond to it.

    Saturn is about either accepting reality and working with it in constructive ways, or about focusing on what we don't have and reacting negatively with fear.

    Our 2nd house is about anything we own, but the deepest level is the ownership of what we value and how we react to our values.

    The Saturn return is a time when we start to evaluate where we have gotten to this point in life, whether or not it works for us .. and hopefully we readjust our direction to be more true to what we want. In the 2nd House, the positive approach of a Saturn return is to readjust our values to line up more realistically with what we want out of live.

    Is there some natal aspect between your natal Saturn and a planet in or ruling the 11th House? This would theoretically tie in the Saturn-return readjustment to matters involving friendships.

    If not, then welcome to astrology. Things happen whether or not the stars indicate it, although often what does happen does have a correlation to the transits and progressions.

    In response to your comment about North Node, that indicates what areas of life will cause inner growth and development. In the 12th house, solitude and meditation, as well as seeing the "big-picture" (a wholistic attitude) and working with your subconscious issues ... all of these are areas for inner growth.

    The opposite point .. your South Node ... indicates skills you already have, and that you resort to when things get stressful.  But because you already have these skills, you don't grow from those activities. The 6th is about being useful, being of service ..and includes being useful for ourselves (health, diet fitness, etc).  So you easily use those activities when things get stressed, but they are not growth-oriented activities for you .. they are coping mechanisms (which is not, in itself, a bad thing).

    Note: When considering the Nodes, the House position is where you take that action, the Sign is how you take that action, and any aspects to planets indicates which needs/planets support that action (sextiles and trines) and which needs/planets hinder that action (squares and oppositions)

    Your North Node may be NEAR the 1st house, but we don't read it as the 1st House. We read it as being in the 12th house.  If we don't read the chart as it IS, why bother reading the chart at all?  However if by "near" you mean "conjunct" (within 8 degrees), then your North Node interest is part of what you show in your superficial social mask .. when meeting new people or in a social situation where you are not totally relaxed. Our Ascendant is not a planet, so it is not part of our true inner self.  it is just a coping mechanism when we are feeling socially awkward.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    It means you're going to be a lot lonlier. 

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  • 2 months ago

    Only in Lala Land. In reality No because if you are gullible enough to believe astrology is an indicator in your life choices, then you are lying to yourself and that is bad.  Very bad.

    Enjoy your day 

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  • 2 months ago

    to cultivate good habits,saturn is nothing to do those who care for you.

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