Is being a doorman a nice job?

I'm an accountant that's worked in private companies for about ten years. And one thing about my job is that it's always busy and I have so much responsibilities. Even when it's outside busy time, there's still work that needs to get done. So, sometimes taking vacation or even a day off is tough without having to worry about work piling up.

When I look at the doormen in my apartment building, it looks like such an easy job. All they have to do is open the door for people and get their packages. And since their jobs is basically just covering a shift, they can take a day off or go on a long vacation and someone else just substitutes their shift for those days. No need to worry about your work responsibilities piling up when you take time off.

So, is being a doorman as nice of a job as I think it is?

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  • 2 months ago

    It depends where, at an apartment block then fine but at a nightclub then no. Plus you don't usually get to say where you are working, your company has several contracts and they say where your shifts are.

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