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Is why America so afraid of cultural change?

I do not understand it.

Why Americans hate change so much?

I ask because I am from the Madagascar islands. In my home country we are ok with dirt and dust. It is natural but my America boyfriend is not ok.

We don't flush or close door for bowel movement or take shower. But my America boyfriend tells me too.

Why he so afraid of different things?

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    Your fake 'foreign' English doesn't fool me.

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    Important to remember, people base their references to any aspect in life on their personal, cultural, social, familial experiences.  You and your boyfriend were raised in different environments so it is inevitable you would have different perspectives.  Best you can do is have open conversations so you can both understand the other better, rather than simply assume or expect the other person to share your mindset.  Why you suggest your boyfriend is afraid, chances are there is something you do or say which your boyfriend may perceive as fearful/inappropriate/unusual.

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    cause hes used to having his way

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    I'm not denying the existence of such Americans that are xenophobic and narrow minded, they are wrong to be that way.

    But you can't blame this all on whites and conservatives.

    There are people in the left who vocalize a sort of bigotry and hate of their own country, and they do scream things about anything that is vaguely euro centric and christian in heritage like it needs to be destroyed. There are liberals with genocidal tendencies, and although I don't like the reactionary extremists that can spawn from the right, I know that the marxist extremists from the left actually help to feed that racist mutation on the right. It's a vicious cycle.

    When the left constantly screams on about replacing whites and all that jazz, yeah, you're giving the actual racists some ammunition.

    Me personally, I don't mind if we get more black or brown people or whatever, if it's organic and works naturally. But there are globalists, ironically the ones who also fund the extremes in the right, who do like to scream such hostile agendas that get some people on the right barking.

    The left and the right like to act like their extremists don't exist, when both hurt America in their own way....but, they are also products of somebody else's mistakes.

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