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To what extent is "race" still an important social, cultural and historical construction?

How does this concept continue to shape life in the United States, for example?

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    Many people use race to disparage other people due to their own ignorance or hatred. and because they fear other ethnic groups will replace whatever power or status they possess. They use this process to keep people who are ethnic minorities from moving into specific neighborhoods or getting jobs in certain coveted professions or advancing in the jobs they do get.

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    As "open-minded" as most people claim to be, judging people who are different than you is a common trait that develops as one experiences the real world and shapes his own life.

    Opinions derived from observing other people's behavior as compared to the way we see ourselves result in judging others. It isn't something we're born with, it develops as we develop. However, it can be enhanced by outside influences such as hate groups or racist groups.

    Thus, no matter how "progressive" the world or people seem to be, there's always that element of "judging" within all of us.

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    Bigoted people still spread hatred of groups they consider inferior as they champion their superiority. They want someone to blame for problems so groups of people get targeted. The alt-right at Charlottesville were waving nazi and confederate flags as they incited hostilities (variously ascribed). A riot ensued.

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    We are all one, all the same. PEOPLE 

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    That's why Donald Trump will no longer be president of the United states, after 2020

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