Are transfer applicants required to submit recommendation letters from their professors in order to transfer to 4-year college/university?

I'm currently attending LACC and I want to know the admission requirements for transfer applicants into 4-year colleges/universities. Besides completing at least 60 units at a community college, what else is needed/required in order to transfer? Do they also require transfer applicants to take the SAT/ACT and submit recommendation letters from their professors or those are only for freshman applicants? I'm looking for Cal State LA or CSUN to transfer.

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  • 6 months ago
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    See the schools' websites for complete details on their requirements for applicants to transfer. Each school sets their own requirements. You can also research statistics on previously accepted students to see how your grades, etc, compare. Certainly you will need letters of recommendation from professors at your CC.

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    That information will be on the schools' websites - they usually have a section dedicated to transfer admissions.  It varies from place to place.

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