what characteristics must a city have to be considered a musical capital? Does New York have all of them?

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    Let's start with classical music - a "capital" should have a major-schedule, top-talent symphony orchestra, opera company, ballet company.  There should be an active legitimate theater life or at least season.  There should be various education institutions that provide all the needed education for the above - degreed, certified, accredited, etc. Then we move to other musical areas - multiple shows (like Broadway) presented over a long schedule; events/concerts presented as short runs, or one-only; jazz and rock venues `presented in a concert format - and then in prestigious clubs, etc.  Again - opportunities for education and experience PRE top billing, should be available in these areas.  I could continue - and list many, many places that offer all this - but you asked specifically about New York City.  Yeah - we have all this - and MORE.  A music teaching colleague used to give her kids an assignment to find the cities in the US that has the most cultural things going on.  Her standards - did that city had a symphony orchestra, a college to study music/art/dace/, and art museum, and at least two major league pro sport team - baseball, basketball, hockey, football. IN the Us - the combinations of these things seemed to define a culture.

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