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Puppy crying when she has to be alone, any ideas? ?

So we got a puppy. She’s now 10 weeks old. When we can’t watch her in the house (not fully potty trained) we put her out on our back porch. It’s super nice, she has a comfy bed and toys! But she will peer in the window and cry seeing us inside. 

Should we just ignore the crying and teach her she has to be on her own some....? 

Thanks .

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    My pup used to do this, but instead of putting her outside I crate trained her. It also helped her potty train fast because she did not want to pee/poop where she sleeps. I put her in the crate instead because then she could be inside still and see us, hear us, all that stuff bc she has real bad separation anxiety. Now she is a 2 and a half year old adult and I never put her in the crate, but sometimes she likes to go hang out there when she is overwhelmed or something.

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    This a ABUSIVE and fool hardy.  Dogs are companion and pack animals - NOT livestock (to be stuck outside).  Banishment from a pack (or your family) esp when she can SEE YOU ARE THERE is a SEVERE form of punishment in the dog world.

    You need:1) a crate, b) to crate train the puppy and 3) confine it to a crate, when you cannot watch it.  Crate training also SPEEDS housebreaking!!!  It is recommended by Humane societies.Second, leaving a puppy out on a deck can lead to the puppy being attacked by predator hawks or falling off and being injured.  

    If you cannot handle housebreaking any better than this, then return the puppy or take it a shelter.  It deserves far better treatment and training .... than you are providing.

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    How about not sticking her out the back? As well as unfair on her, your neighbours may start complaining and rightfully so. Why even get a dog if you're just going to stick it outside? Only take her out to do her business, than when  she's done praise her and bring her inside.

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    Yes, I have an idea. Get a crate so she can be indoors where she can see and hear you, but confined so she can't pee and poop in the house. Read up on the correct way to use a crate. Used correctly, crates are excellent for dogs.

    She is a very young puppy in a new place. She's scared out there all by herself.

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    How in the world can anybody with a heart stick a young puppy outside on it's own.   Of course there will be mistakes but rather than shutting her outside on her own, which may seem 'super nice' to YOU, why not confine her to somewhere mistakes are easily cleaned up, or use a crate even!!    You are being very cruel with this puppy.   I would say she has to get used to being on her own but NOT shut outside like that.

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    She will adapt to the situation and stop crying. But it is natural for her to want to be with her "pack." She will try to be as close as possible. Be sure to give her plenty of attention when you reunite.

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    Very cruel of you to stick her outside. WTF is wrong with you?

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    If she's crying we call that a might think it's "super nice" but she doesn't. 

    You got a baby. In other words you have a full time job. As she grows older to will develop a more confident demeanor and be able to be separate from you. A puppies instinct is to be with the "bigger dogs" for protection and guidance, not to be on her own. What you're creating is a dog that may end up with separation anxiety. She's learning being on her own is fearful and lasts forever (you may think it's just half an hour but for her it's a stressful eternity). You're not creating confidence you're creating fear. She's clearly not ready for that yet and she's trying to tell you. She's not comfortable. If she cried like that to her Mother when separate from the liter her Mother would bring her back into the "nest".

    You will find, in time, she'll become less clingy and more confident the bigger she gets. Don't feel like you need to be teaching her all the time. She doesn't need to be learning 24/7. It's overwhelming and creates a stressed dog. Let her be with you. Let her be by herself, but let it be her choice. 

    So, if you can. Open the door and keep it open. Sit in the room so she can see you and just chill. Let her come in and out. You go out there alone. You sit out there a few minutes, if she comes great if not, just let her see you out there. Come back in. You'll find her confidence will improve and she'll start venturing out alone. Next minute you'll have a dog that wants to sleep on the porch. A dog that associates alone time with something positive, not fear and stress. 

    That's my opinion, that's how I trained my own dog to not be "clingy" and I hope it works for you. Most cases of separation anxiety are caused by the owners being too clingy with their dog, pushing the dog, feeling like they need to train too much. 

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