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What toys would you recommend for a smart and bored 14 month old boy?

My nephew is 14 months old and very intelligent. He has tons of age-appropriate toys (his birthday was only 2 months ago and family stocked him up good) however has lost interest in almost all of them. Even his older sisters toys hold little interest to him. What type of toys would you recommend for him? We don't have the ability to buy expensive toys, please keep this in mind. Id asked on facebook and everyone was recommending $100-$1000 toys, and we can't afford such things. Thank you!

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    14 month old children don't need more toys, they need more experiences. Play with him. Take him to the park. Take him on walks. Play in sand, play in water, talk to him, read to him, sing to him. A 14 month old child will not normally entertain themselves for hours on end. They need to interact with other people most of the time.

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    -Maybe Lego or if they're too small...Duplo.  He can build anything and it's something he'll never outgrow.

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    fortnite please

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    I recommend a



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    You could also "rotate" the toys he has by having him pick out and put away some toys he isn't using now.  In a few weeks, when he goes through those toys, he'll feel excited for them (that's what we did when I was a kid).  He may also be ready to do "grown up" things with his family, like helping to sort laundry (you can have him see how many socks or what colors show up in the laundry basket), try writing or coloring with different materials (pencil, marker,crayon) or you can cover a small tray with shaving cream (you can dye with food coloring too) and he can try to build shapes or trace shapes, letters, or designs with his fingers and hands.  We've done this for our TK students, and they love it.  If you're concerned he may put the cream in his mouth, you can substitute whipped topping.

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    Myself- I would find some books to read to him! Ones with lots of pictures. He is ready to start learning and maybe some one needs to take time to either read to him or interact with him. My son used to enjoy the game of "What's that". We would hold him and go around the house asking "What's that" and pause for a few seconds then tell him what it was. We also played the game of "sounds" where we would do one of the phonic sounds over and over trying to get him to mimic the sound.

    What I am saying is "social interaction" (which only takes time and not money) might be better then giving the child a toy and setting them in the playpen.

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    Put unbreakable kitchen wares of all sorts in a lower cabinet, drawer or shelf. Put down a towel or sheet, fill a large tub with water or cereal and give him scoops, small plastic containers, floating objects or some of his small toys to play with. But blocks or other simple basic toys that encourage creative play. Play some music to dance or sing along to. Build a simple tent or fort using existing furniture and a sheet. Or an obstacle course. Balloons are easy for smalls to play “ball” with. Do not expect a one year old to amuse himself by himself for very long. Alternate between large muscle active play and more detailed small muscle sedate activities.

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    Get him a book of basic magic tricks.

    This one is excellent.

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