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What the different types of life that are candidates for the eudaimonia life,and what are there shortcomings?

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  • 9 months ago

    I understand a eudaimonic life to be one of human flourishing and harmonious.  For me I envision that with good relationships, debate that doesn’t hurt relationship, excelling in the work you do and that work being where you are gifted and interested.  It also provides a contribution to society.  

  • j153e
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    9 months ago

    "The good life" or eudaimonia for Aristotle is eethical prosperity. This would include Socrates' "happy wife, happy life" formula which obviates need for philosophy aka problem-solving.

    Abraham Maslow's being-cognition ~ = Aristotle's eudaimonia:'s_hierarchy_o...

    If one could discern shortcomings in Aristotle's "ethical prosperity," that would be noteworthy, for Aristotle's ethical prosperity did include entelecheia (actuality, being-cognition, self-actualization).

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