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Unsocialized new puppy during quarantine, HELP! ?

So we got a new puppy right as the covid quartile began. She hasn’t seen anyone besides the 4 members of our family for the entire duration she’s been with us, a month now! 

This week a neighbor wee countered on a walk sweetly tried to call her over and I noticed her growling. She’s 3 pounds by the way- tiny. Yesterday my mom finally came over for an outside dinner and when she tried to approach her the puppy FREAKED!! Yelping so loud and even exposed her teeth towards her like she was gonna bite or something. Afterwards she paced in a constant circle - SO WIERD- I guess due to anxiety...? 

What the hell. How do we go about fixing this, especially since we are having almost zero contact with people thanks to covid quarantine 😩😣


We haven’t coddled this puppy in the slightest!!!! We live out in the country with only 3 neighbors in site!!! We take longs walks daily.  🙄

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    This the same crying puppy who (at 10 weeks) you stuck out on a porch with a bed and toys because it was not housebroken (and apparently you were not managing it well) or were deciding not to bother, yet were irritated enough to complain to us about the crying which i TOLD YOU was due to the BANISHMENT.  I WARNED you.... was a severe form of punishment (to a dog) to force it away from its pack or family unit, when you were HOME.  The same puppy gotten for your 9 yr old child (who had no interest in it) after ONE week's time, and you wondered how much time you "had to" give it, per day.

    Now you have an unsocialized puppy with a severe TEMPERAMENT PROBLEM that may be due to bad genetics - (depending on where it came from) and/or you not doing any socialization.   (Of course had you asked, we would have TOLD YOU that socialization can be in your home) with a simple total of 10 different sights, sounds, and surfaces per day, even if you could not invite in other people.  If she has remained locked outside and only briefly interacted with=> as you WERE doing (previously) -this is the expected outcome.

    You report having this puppy (now) squealing in FEAR, at meeting anyone, or inappropriately GROWLING and/or threatening to bite people, at approx 16 weeks of age.  BTW, a growl is a bite that has not (YET) landed.  

    You can be SUED if she bites somebody (and the family dog is responsible for most bites to CHILDREN esp on the head, face & neck).  She can be removed from your home for quarantine (which YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY FOR for 2 weeks) if she does bite, and if there are 3 or more reported bites (including those done by ER persons or the family doctor) she will be PUT DOWN.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Fix it? there's nothing to fix.You got one of those little yapper dogs who thinks they can take on the world.What is it a Shih Tzu? Part of their genetics Should of done your homework beforehand.

  • Maxi
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    5 months ago

    Socialisation is about being exposed to new sounds, smells and sights and there is no excuse not to correctly socialise a pup as daily this pup should be out and about and being exposed and corrected if she displaces unacceptable behaviour..and yelping loudly is silly/ unexceptable behaviour, however so is your mother approachimg a pup, she should ignore the pup and let it come to her in its own time.......... as you state "She’s 3 pounds by the way- tiny." I suspect you are 'babying' this pup because of her size and that more than likely why she behaves like she does, either /or she is purchased from a BYB poorly bred with genetic anxiety issues which you have encourages

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    I personally don't think you can blame all of how this puppy is on the lockdown.  That's NOT a normal reaction from a happy confident young puppy and frankly I'd be really worried about what I'd taken on there.   I have no idea what the pacing was about!!

    You can take her out, carrying her if she's not had all her vaccination shots, or in the back of your car so she at least sees a bit of the outside world.

    Did you do your homework re buying this puppy - sounds like a breeding problem, not Covid - 19.  

    ps   I might understand her being worried about other dogs, but our lot didn't meet many people when they were growing up, but we had none of that going on.

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  • Jack H
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    5 months ago

    You cant counteract anything, you will have to carefully introduce her after the lockdown, its a new situation for many things...

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