can you help me to make a QUARANTINE LYRIC SONG ?

2 Answers

  • 9 months ago

    I'm in quarantine here I'm bored

    Netflix on here I go

    Popcorns on the left hand of mine

    The right hand are my phone

    I lay, I eat, I watch

    Oh oh, how boring quarantine is

    I might've became a couch potato

    and I oops- oh my oh my oh my gosh

    My friends I called everyday

    I talk too much they must've hang up before I'm done

    Oh it's not my fault

    Quarantine is boring, bored, bored, bored

    I dreamed of myself going to school

    I talked to my friend

    Laugh, smile, hang out 

    I open my eyes and looked outside


    What the fu* just happened I thought

    I checked my phone

    "Quarantine is over" it says

    I ran outside and bought chips

    But then I remembered school

    Oh my oh my more homework.

    P.S: It's so weird but funny lol

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    9 months ago

    Of course I can, but I won't.

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