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What is the real reason for women wearing make up? Self esteem improvements?

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    I don't think it's the makeup itself it's that you look more in style, and like an active well dressed member of society, that leads to the appeal of it being considered a self esteem booster. If your self esteem goes down from not wearing makeup one day, something is going on that needs to be explored. But if someone usually wears it to be stylish, then it makes sense that would help with confidence. Hope that makes sense.

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    Not only women wear makeup. Sometimes men wear it, plus teenagers wear it too.

    People wear it for different reasons, including:-

    - to cover up skin imperfections, for example foundation and concealer can be worn to cover up acne spots, blackheads and uneven skin tone.

    - to put some color in the face, so as to avoid the 'washed out' look, typically this is done with blusher.

    - to enhance facial features, such as eye shadow, mascara and eyeliner to make their eyes look bigger, or lip liner with lighter shades of lipstick and lip plumping gloss to make the lips look fuller.

    - to make the eyebrows look fuller.

    - sometimes people may want to make their nose look smaller or thinner, or to make their face look slimmer.

    - sometimes it's actually to protect the skin, since some makeup products and lip balms contain SPF.

    - it may sometimes just be a hobby because some people have a love of makeup.

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    i’d like to say makeup doesn’t effect my self esteem, but it does. when i was really insecure, i’d wear a lot of makeup, but now i don’t wear nearly as much, and i like the way i look without it. sometimes it’s nice just to mess around with it. i feel like it finishes off an outfit too, which may sound weird, but i think it ties things together.

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  • 5 months ago

    Some people just enjoy putting it on. Like a type of art. Why do people wear fashionable clothing? I think it’s similar kinda?

    It can help with self esteem and feeling like you look nice. Maybe you want to express yourself through your makeup or clothing or whatever. Maybe also to fit in. Or stand out. 

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    When I wear makeup I do so because I feel like it and because I'm feeling good about myself. Now twenty years ago I wouldn't have been caught outside the home without it on. I don't wear it much these days because I have depression so often feel I'm not worth the effort to look good. I sometimes wish I could wear it for the confidence boost. But alas no. 

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    A lot of people wear makeup for self esteem, but most wear for that simple fact that they like/ love make up, like myself, makeup is everything to me, I wear it all the time, but not because it makes me feel better about myself, even know I do feel better about myself cause you enhance your best features, but because I love putting it on, and creating something beautiful. Just like an artist with a canvas, except the canvas is a face and the paint is makeup, some people just love it.

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    You could say that it is for self esteem improvement. But, why do we even get dressed at all? Why do we even wash our car and clean our house? You have to look presentable at all times. 

  • Kaz
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    To enhance and improve their looks.  

  • Lili
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    5 months ago

    Women have worn make-up for centuries, because they think it makes them look better. In fact, in many eras and cultures, men have worn make-up for the same reason.  This has not been a mere female practice, and even  today, there are men in some professions who wear make-up  -- and I'm not referring merely to entertainers on stage or in films.

    Enhancing your looks is hardly unusual. People both male and female do it in a variety of ways.

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