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Connect Sony camera to pc? ?


I have a Sony ccd-trv59e that I want to connect to my pc. I have an easycap. Can I connect my camcorder to a pc with the easycap? The camera only has one av output, but the easy cap has 3. 

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  • Mmm J
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    6 months ago

    You may be missing a cable splitter. Link to the manual:

    Page 7, item 5.

    The AV-out on the camera is a 3.5mm special cable that provides mono-audio out and video out. See page 42.

    The Easy Cap has video-in and stereo audio in. You may be able to get the audio with a regular 3.5mm (both sides) audio jack + an S-Video cable connecting the camcorder's S-video out to the Easy Cap's S-video input (page 43) assuming your Easy Cap has a S-Video input.

    The Easy Cap instructions may be useful - since we don't know which Easy Cap you have, we don't know if it has an S-video input and we can't point you to a manual...

  • 6 months ago

    The video is tranferred via the s-video.  The audio will be via the a/v socket, but just use one channel (red or white).

  • Damien
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    6 months ago

    esay cap is supposed to be a usb connection so yes

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