Interpretation of an "Angry IP scanner" freeware program output?

Angry IP scanner seems to be listing devices connecting to my WiFi network.

Currently I have an Android phone and a Kindle device connecting.

Also the hub seems to be listing as a connection device.

In the image you can see there is one device connecting with a [n/a] host name, listed next to IP address Is this a device different from phone/Kindle/Hub devices? Could this be a "hacker"?

In case a hacker would invade the WiFi network, what could I do?

WiFi settings in my Hitron cable modem has guest accounts turned off.

Could you please help with one or both of my questions:

- Is one "Angry IP Scanner" entry designating the IP of a hacker

- Can I do anything to prevent a person from accessing my WiFi network?

Thank you.


I was checking for INTEL_CE_LINUX, because I was not certain about the name of this device neither and read about this here:

. Maybe that helps as well to answer my questions.

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    8 months ago
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    We have absolutely no way of knowing what the device is. The only information available to us is the IP address. A Kindle or Android phone would usually show a hostname, but that doesn't necessarily mean it isn't one. Try going to Tools > Fetchers and add "MAC Address" to the list of fetchers. This would at least give a good idea of what type of device it is. 

    Also, if you're running this test over a Wi-fi connection, you should make sure your wireless router doesn't have VLAN isolation / private VLANs enabled. This stops wireless devices from being able to see each.

  • 8 months ago

    Change the password. That simple,

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