Looking for a good cheap gaming desktop tower?

Last time I had a desktop was when I was 5 and I used my aunts computer. Being on my own and whatnot since I’ve had nothing but laptops, and I don’t like it anymore. I mainly stuck to laptops because of how much I moved but I would like to settle, and try something new. I didnt even remember what the tower thing was called I actually thought it was the monitor itself.

I’m looking for a low budget gaming desktop that’s still fairly new and runs well and I am not good with picking. My current one is Alienware, but older gen and its been kinda crappy since I got it. I don’t really know how pricey desktops are, as before considering it I was gonna get the new alienware 51m for 4k (Not any time soon even if I was to still go for it) but Im looking at around 1-1500 worth if thats good enough. I just need more knowledge and help to know what’s good. The monitor’s I find are pretty cheap, it’s just the towers I don’t know. I don’t really know what each one is for either, other than to turn on the computer and the display.

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