Laptop help! Very urgent?

My laptop was showing system and application error from few weeks. Also, it used to shut down suddenly. And I also get blue screen error sometimes

I called a laptop repair person to repair it. He told the thermal paste had burnt n fixed it.

And that there is a problem in my hard disk and I need to replace it. For the time being he installed some software for cleanup and gave few commands for the laptop to remove the system error. 

He told this will not permanently fix the errors and that my hard disk can fail any time.

Before coming, he told that my OS must also have any problem but did not tell anything about it.

What should I do? Is what he is saying right? Please help.

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  • 2 months ago

    run the Windows Repair tool to fix your operating system. then look into getting a replacement hard drive ... or a new laptop entirely. yours must be well beyond design life already -- thermal paste doesn't dry up overnight, but over years of use

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  • 2 months ago

    I've repaired a lot of laptops over the years, and I've never found one with failed thermal paste, which doesn't mean it can't happen of course, just that overheating because of a failed fan, or a airway blocked by fluff is more likely. When a computer crashes, for whatever reason, there is a chance that it will cause subsequent disk errors, as the system may have been writing to disk when it crashed. So the first step should be to check for fluff and airflow, and next to run disk checking/fixing software. In Windows this means right clicking on the disk in file explorer, and selecting "properties" then "tools" then "check", and follow the prompts. IF that gives the all clear, or offers to fix errors and then gives the all clear, the next stage would be to run windows update and make sure that windows is up to date.

    If it's a Mac, the procedure is very similar...

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  • Tasm
    Lv 6
    2 months ago

    The overheating part sounded right. You should back up any files you want to an external drive and reinstall the os.

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  • 2 months ago

    It's all very likely.  If the engineer did a disk check and it came back with errors, you need to change the disk as soon as possible.  If the thermal paste on the processor had failed, your computer is at the end of its useful life.  Get a new one while the old one is still working and you'll be able to transfer the data.  Wait till it fails and you'll have lost your data - or at least you'll have to pay the repair person to recover it.

    • clearwood2 months agoReport

      if the computer works before it overheats, why not replace the thermal paste? It seems a shame to throw away a working computer!

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  • 2 months ago

    A hard drive error sounds very likely.  You really should look at replacing it, before you lose all your data.  At least make sure you have a good backup of your drive, for obvious reasons.

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