Liability insurance for a church?

The church according to the minister has to be very careful when scheduling church outings. The church is owned by the district office not the membership. Why would they have insurance that restricts the members ability to have outings? There was some sudden newfound fear 2+ years ago about kids trips sponsored (cost) by the church members. Something about the parents have to be involved. No problem they want to attend. I'm looking at the financial statement they give each member each year. The property insurance shows as $3985 a year and that may or may not be the parsonage and the church building. Once the minister mentioned a rider might have to be added. We parents would gladly consider to pay a rider so there can again, like in the past, be group church outings. Explain rider and liability risk for churches which are non profit. Thanks.

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    8 months ago
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    A church, like any other organization, can be held liable for accidents when the church was in some way negkigent.  Accidents like a slip and fall on church property are more easily controllable than accidents occurring at church-sponsored events off-premises.  If two adults take twenty kids to a church-sponsored trip to the park, those two adults (and the church) are responsible for anything that happens to those kids, including a traffic accident on the way to the park, a kid falling off a swing, a kid geting poison ivy, etc.  These things are much harder to control.  

    Liability insurance does protect against such things.  Hopefully the church has a liability insurance policy (including pastoral liability for sexual misconduct).  The liability policy may or may not cover off-premises liability, which can be added as a supplement (rider) for a cost.

    You might investigate whether your congregation has knowledgeable insurance people who might form a standing committee on all insurance matters.

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    8 months ago

    The church policy does NOT cover Virus or bacteria.   No policy covers that. 

    The rider may cover outside events.    But not the Virus.

  • 8 months ago

    It is much more likely that the insurance company set the restriction - what they will insure and what they will not.

  • 8 months ago

    The issue centres around whether a paid employee drives/supervises the children on the trips or whether it is a parent volunteer.  A paid employee is required to be covered under the church's insurance.  A parent does not need coverage.  This has nothing to do with the non-profit status of the church, it is about employer liability.

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