Why do Western Feminists keep silent on the extreme misogyny in the Muslims countries under Islam?



Just a couple examples of the oppression of women in the Muslim countries that liberals and Feminists refuse to condemn or mention.

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  • 4 months ago
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    Feminists aren't interested in misogyny. They aren't particularly interested in women's rights either. They're one manifestation of the neo-Marxist, postmodernist movement that's hell-bent on destroying the power hierarchies of western society, and taking that power for themselves. Once again it's really all about power

    Accusing people of misogyny, is one way of destroying the reputations and careers of those in power, thereby gaining prominence and power for themselves - but accusations of racism will do just as well. A prominent politician could have his career in tatters as a result of such an accusation

    However, it would be difficult to play the race card against those in power who accuse Islam of misogyny, if you simultaneously agreed with them all. Staying silent about Islam's abuses against women, increases their armoury against their true enemy: Western culture

  • They are lost in the mythology that there is this 'patriarchy' of 'Old White Men' (see Greta Thunberg) who rule and control the world.  They may be partially right there, but their problem is that they fail to see:-

    a.  That many such are women

    b.  That countless women reap the same benefits as the 'patriarchy'

    c.  That replacing men with women in positions of power and privilege in no way alters the basic underlying faults in society - wherein the scum rises to the top and has no perspective about the lot of the rest.

    d. They mistake all men who do not suck their party line deeply for this mythical 'patriarchy' and attack all men under the cover of saying they are bringing down an oppressor.

    Pure insanity.

  • 4 months ago

    I thought you had actual evidence. Those are only garbage news stories meant to be read like fiction.

    Kinda like the trumpos "stimulus" bullshit.

    Good ol' trumpo buying off his cronies and the voters too!

    He tinks BIIIIGG!!

  • Jack
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    4 months ago

    Because feminists have become integrated in intersectional politics...and in that, people of color (which includes most of the world's Muslims) tend to trump white women.

    It's the progressive stack in action.

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  • 4 months ago

    As a feminist, none of these clearly biased, threatened by the equality of women, insecure answers apply. Feminists are about equality for ALL people. While we are sympathetic to middle eastern oppression of women, we must first take care of our side of the street here in the United States. Sure, there are movements all over the world, and ultimately it needs to come from those women in order for it to really work. Also, many women in that culture feel it is a religious standard/requirement and feel they are fulfilling their promise to allah. If you really want to know more about feminism, ask feminists that you know, or meet. Don’t rely on the internet of god knows who - particularly easily threatened of their hierarchy being destroyed males to give you any true insight on the quest for equality of women. While this may seem harsh, if you truly look at the answers presented here, it should seem quite clear how women deal with oppression all the time, everywhere. As women, were just not accepting it anymore and were speaking out about it. While doing so, and the same as other oppressed groups, we are attacked, undermined and invalidated by those who are threatened by such ideas because they fear that equality takes away from their own opportunities to succeed in life. It’s really sad. I implore you to do some of your own peer reviewed research and stay away from yahoo answers so that you may be educated of such societal matters. And thanks for asking a great question! 

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    It's a don't bite the hand that feeds you type thing.  Many of the politicians and other people who support feminism, also support other social justice or cultural marxist movements, so if feminists criticize Muslims or the people who support them they may lose support as a result.

  • 4 months ago

    Western feminists only care about misogyny in their respective countries and not about others. That's upto Muslim women to take a stand against patriarchal society.

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    Leftists, of which feminists are a part of, are scared to criticize Islam because they think it would be racist to do so. So misogynists in Muslim countries and the entire Islamic ideology gets a free pass. 

  • 4 months ago

    Because they know that in those Muslim countries, the men won't tolorate their crap.

  • 4 months ago

    They never have much to say about porn either, I've always wondered about that

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