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Is this some mother instinct?

The weirdest thing just happened the other day. I saw this video of this really cute baby deer crying out and I wanted to raise it, feed it, bathe it. 

Understandably, now that I’m 19 I’ve been thinking a lot more about having and raising kids. Not anything serious I’d act on bc I want to focus on my professional life, but it’s definately something I think of a lot more now. I even think about who would be a good dad when I go on dates now.

Now the wierd thing is that while I was thinking about raising the baby deer I even thought about holding the little thing in my arms and breastfeeding it. It took me a couple of seconds to realize how weird that was, right? Is it some like mother instinct? The baby deer was abandoned on the street my it’s momma and I just wanted to be it’s mom. Was that reaction like normal?


Also im curious abt mother’s instincts now so if anybody wants to share some other’s I’d love to read them

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