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Angel Fish with swim bladder issues?

I know this is a long-shot, but trying, anyway. I have a fish tank with more than one Angel Fish. The fish having trouble is a white, fresh water Angel and a good-sized fish. 

The fish obviously has swim bladder issues, because it cannot swim in a normal, upright position, but floats sideways and other directions. I have read articles on this disease, and have called our local aquarium store for other possible treatments. 

Currently, I cannot even get the fish to eat and it has been awhile. I know some will suggest putting the fish "out of its misery", but if any of you have had this issue and HAD A FISH SURVIVE and get well, please respond. I really don't want to see a fish who is trying this hard to die.

I have moved the fish to a separate ten gallon tank, since I have "scaleless" fish in the main tank.

I have tried these without success:

-Pea: No interest in peas, whatsoever.

-Algae flake wafers: Would not eat that

-Tetra Fungus Guard: This is a med that often works for other ailments, but no success in this case.

-Tetra Lifeguard: Stronger med that covers more pathogens, but didn't work.

-Espsom salts: No success.

-Changing more water: Still, no success

-Other foods: I have tried frozen blood worms and frozen brine shrimp, but he won't eat it. I have even managed to get food into his mouth, but he spits it out.

-Water checks: Fish stores here are closed or won't check water due to Covid quarantine.

Please offer suggestions that have actually worked for you.

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    Swim bladder disease is not really curable.  If you had a surguen work on it maybe, as some people have done with koi.  but if this is all due to swim bladder, there really is nothing you can do. 

    The symptoms you described may be constipation issues.  Which you can treat.  

    1. Stop adding medications, that will only make him sick and not want to eat. 

    2.  Make sure the water in that 10 gallon is clean, and remove the medication with water changes and carbon.

    3. Do an epson salt bath for 15 minutes once a day for 3 days in a row.

    4.  offer some garlic soaked food.  or order some "New life spectrum thera plus A" food, or both.  these pellets are enhanced with garlic and made to be extra tempting to fish on the dowl low, but it is also a high quality food that can be used as a staple for most fish.

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