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Should I buy razer blade 15 advanced or base?

I am choosing between the razer 2020 15 144 Hz 10th gen intel and 144hz 9th gen intel. both are 512 gb. The 9th gen is considered advanced and has 80 Wh battery whereas the 10th gen is considered base model with 65 wh battery. Battery life is pretty important to me. Which should I choose?

Also both are same price

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    With my experience in using Gaming laptops, I'd say buy whichever has the best cooling. Go online and look for reviews where they tear down the laptop and show what coolers are used. Some of these laptops have terrible CPU and GPU coolers.

    Look for reviews that show the 10th Generation processors against the 9th Generation. I have heard that there are some cooling problems with 10th Generation mobile processors because of cooling. It appears that Intel tried to pack too many cores into the 10th Generation CPU's.

    You'll have to figure out what the CPU model number is and how much power it consumes. What's also important is what specific GPU is in the laptop, because the GPU is going to consume the most power.

    Keep in mind that trying to game while in battery mode is foolish and you won't get very far. You'll beat the battery into submission which will cause the battery to degrade sooner. 

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