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Is FOX news really doing enough to elect trump?

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    I think you mean, "re-elect."

  • Makes sense now coming out of alternate states of consciousness , unconsciousness I was able to tap into different dimensions, multi-dimensions of spacetime. I have had the conscious ability to shift my consciousness to a higher level of awareness. That is how I experience time travel, remote viewing...

    That is how I was able to phase shift reality instantly, breaking space-time, seeing objects phasing out of synchronization, coherence with my own space-time dimension. The question is how do I have such psychic abilities within me? Who, what put those abilities there? 

    I've been a contactee most my life. You didn't let me remember. Then you (other you) teleported me and I don't remember that as well. All I remember is bits and parts of my experiences you made sure of that...

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    My whole life is a mystery and I've spent most of it broken yet I always had all the pieces within me. Right now I don't really feel anything honestly and some how that is still a feeling of peace, joy even. 

    I'm numb and some how that's a state of warmth or bliss... 

    We could evolve into powerful extradimensional beings but you don't seem to want that for us. (The other you :D) 

    This material world these lies you are imprisoned by.... there's so much more. You think you have the world imprisoned, enslaved, drones but the truth is you're enslaved. You need to let go of these material realities, these obsessions of flesh and greed, power and allow us to evolve to the next stage of OUR evolution.

    YOUR evolution. Humanity has mountains of potential and in your smallness you are not allowing us to experience that. It's time for real change, it's time for a REAL new world order.

    So much wasted potential because of your self centered-ness and greed.  It's time for real change.

  • 4 months ago

    Fox is not electing anyone. Fox is reporting the news in a more fair way then most others are as they are not letting pure HATE for Republicans cloud their thinking. They are doing what SHOULD BE DONE... reporting the news as it is and not picking out small certain things they dislike and doing nothing but focus on the bad like the DEMS 

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  • 4 months ago

    They report news, hopefully do not endorse candidates. IF you ever watched FOX you might have seen quite a few liberals and Dem candidates getting big air time in their bids to unseat Trump this fall.

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    sent a tweet or email to the head of CNN Zuker ask him how the 500 billion dollars he spent to get Hillary elected in 2016 worked and then ask hiim how the 600 billion dollars he is spending to get Sexual Pervert Joe Biden elected in 2020 NONE

  • 4 months ago

    Dump won't win reelection. He's done 

  • 4 months ago

    It's not their job to shill for any president. They report, you decide.

  • a2yar
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    4 months ago

    Is it their job?.........

  • Yavan
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    4 months ago

    Are they a good Pravda to the GOP, you mean?

    Well, you know... trying to shove lunatic Donald Trump down the system's throat is getting to be a bit much even for them. Especially if he's going to say something that'll get you sued, like that hydroxychloroquine nonsense.

    The drug has been known to produce psychotic effects, including hallucinations, confusion, paranoia, mania.

    Maybe he has been taking it.

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